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Buttocks Lift or Implants, Fat Transfer

The most frequent demand for the correction of buttocks is for "lifting" and/or "increase." There are two main ways to do it safely, namely by fat grafting, i.e., fat transfer, or by the use of implants. Fat transfer is effective when the patient has a sufficient quantity of fat in donor sites on his own body, although we know that there is some degree of absorption once it is incorporated into the buttock. The implant is placed deep within the gluteus maximus muscle, and leaves no visible scar with just one small incision between the buttocks. In both procedures we achieve the effect of lifting, increased volume, or both, depending on the options chosen. We must not forget that the shape also depends on the treatment of surrounding areas, so that liposuction of the back and thighs is often necessary to create a pleasing contour of the body.

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